Informed Sellers Are Happy Sellers

Creating trust with the sellers is one of an agent's most important jobs. It begins during the very first meeting. Sellers will know, once the listing appointment has been completed, whether or not you are someone they can trust with the hugely important task of listing and selling their home. Handing this task over to you is an enormous show of faith. They are at the mercy of your skills, which leaves them in a very vulnerable position. A good agent respects this vulnerability and does everything they can to keep the sellers informed and involved in the process of selling their home. Here are 3 topics to discuss during the listing appointment to show the sellers your commitment to keeping them in the loop.

Seller Accountability Report
The Seller Accountability Report (available with the Professional plan on ePropertySites) is the perfect way to update your sellers on what is being done to market their home on ePropertySites. A checklist of activity, such as "property photos added", along with the date the action was completed, can be emailed to the sellers right from the Properties tab.  

Showing Feedback Form
Talk to your sellers about the importance of asking for feedback from prospective buyers. With a customizable questionnaire, you and the sellers can get an accurate idea of how the property is being perceived. Use the basic questions provided for you by ePropertySites, or change them to suit the sellers' needs. Feedback forms can be emailed to visitors after every open house (or sent automatically if you use digital sign in) and the responses will be available to view on your Properties tab. As a bonus, you'll have the contact information for all open house visitors allowing you to follow up with them as leads.

Hits Tracker
Every single property website on ePropertySites has a hits tracker to keep an eye on how well the property site is doing online. Letting sellers know you'll carefully monitor site activity and keep them updated on the results gives them confidence in your ability to market their home online. 

It's rare to find a completely hands-off seller. Most will deeply value your commitment to providing them with accurate, updated information by tracking the activity of their property site and asking for feedback from showings. Letting the sellers know upfront during the listing appointment that you have several ways to keep them informed is a perfect way to show the sellers that trusting you as their agent will be the best decision they ever make.

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