iPad3 winner Jennifer Sudik

Congratulations to Jennifer Sudik, of Moore, OK for being our fifth iPad3 winner!
Jennifer has been a Realtor for 8 years, prior to that she and her husband were investors where they bought and renovated multiple properties. Her investor experience has shaped the way that she is able to give the buyers the advice they need.

How many times have we as Real Estate Agents encountered first time or even seasoned buyers that say “I want a fixer upper”? Jennifer is quick to impart the wisdom needed to guide her buyers. Her biggest mistake as an investor was living in the home while fixing it up (something she strongly urges her buyers against). “Buyers just don’t realize how long it will take and all of the hidden costs that can come up”.

Jennifer resides in Moore, OK a town just south of Oklahoma City with a population of about 60,000, known for its good schools and higher quality of life. Jennifer does most of her referral-based business in this area. In fact one of her best customers was from a showing that another Agent was unable to attend which resulted in 8 sales over the years. The lesson -seeing the people as much as possible as well as taking great care of them is one of the most important parts of being a Realtor.

Jennifer is a relatively new ePropertySites.com user who was excited to be introduced to ePropertySites by a co-worker in her office. “I recently received my first rider with the text code,” Jennifer said, and she is looking forward to getting some great leads. When we asked her how she gets most of her referral business she said that she takes good care of folks, and that most of her clients have become her friends.

Not only are referrals her main source of business...she is great at giving them as well. Jennifer referred over a dozen fellow Agents to ePropertySites which along with finding answers to all of the questions, helped her to win the brand new iPad3.



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