Sign Riders


Sign riders are a fantastic lead-capture tool when used correctly. Here are three great calls-to-action you can include on your sign riders that will help you connect with buyers and generate leads!

1. “Text for price.”
Simple, but effective; prompting interested buyers to enter the property text code to learn the price of a listing is a wonderful way to capture a lead. As soon as they text, they get the property information sent back immediately, and you receive a notification with their cell phone number so you can follow up right away.

2. “Look inside! Scan for more pictures.”
Although real estate QR codes don’t capture leads the same way text codes do, they do measure interest and drive-by activity on the listing. You can see every time a code is scanned, and the buyer gets taken to view the mobile version of your property site on their smartphone.

3. “We’re paperless! Text for virtual flyer.”
Not only does this call-to-action capture a text lead, but it announces to the world what an eco-friendly agent you are! You also save money (and trees!) by never having to refill the flyer box.

Make sure your sign riders are working for you! Include an effective call-to-action that will help you measure the interest in your property and make sure you’re generating leads with each text.
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