Esther Christiansen our sixth iPad3 winner


Congratulations to Esther Christiansen, of Fresno, CA for being our sixth iPad3 winner!

Esther has been a Realtor for 6 years, and prior to her career in real estate she worked in the accounting field. That experience gives Esther a unique perspective as the market in Fresno, CA, where she works, is primarily made up of short sales and REOs.

When asked whether she would consider the REO market her special niche, Esther shared that she really feels her speciality is about meeting people's needs. Too often, Esther said, “Agents don’t listen to their clients about getting the homes that they are interested in.” She is very focused on going above and beyond for her customers to find them the perfect home.

Esther’s customized website, www.race2realestate.com/purl/ features a picture of her husband’s race car, and she often sees the comparison between real estate and racing. Both require teamwork, determination and effort in order to get to the finish line, and within the family environment Esther creates for her clients, that’s an attainable goal!

As someone who is very much into technology, Esther loves the many features that are included with her ePropertySites.com account. Her favorites are the links to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, the QR codes and custom texts. ”It’s nice not to have to reinvent the wheel,” Esther said.

She had a blast playing the ePropertySites.com iPad Contest as it really helped her navigate the system, becoming familiar with the many features. “I often wondered if the question was wrong because I wasn’t aware of the feature it was referring to,” Esther said.

When asked if she had any advice for new agents, Esther felt it was important to remember that “everyone sees a home in a different way, so try not to force a sale.”


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