Real Estate Agent Jo Soss our 9th iPad winner

Congratulations to Jo Soss of Bremerton, Washington on being our 9th iPad Winner!
Jo is the owner of Homefront Realty and has been selling real estate in the greater Puget Sound area since 1994. As a military spouse whose husband is on active duty with the navy, Jo knows firsthand what it’s like to have to relocate and purchase a home in an area you’re unfamiliar with. Her family moved across the country 3 times in 4 years, and in Kitsap County, the two large naval bases provide a unique clientele for her - active duty military members looking to settle in and call West Puget Sound home. "I do a lot of military relocation, so it's really fun to connect with people that literally have found me on the internet,” Jo said.

Jo is an agent that has truly embraced technology, and her online business has grown to the point where she described it as an “almost paperless” office. In addition to her property websites, she also has a personal website where she writes articles and blogs, sharing information about the area as well as her own relocation experience. Jo’s goal is to be sure her clients “know that I know what you are going through,” and that they can trust her when it comes to any of their real estate needs. With clients spread out across the country and as far away as Okinawa, potential buyers might contact Jo after locating her on the web and after just a few phonecalls, fly out to meet her, buy a house, and then be gone until the relocation is complete. At the same time, Jo said, she has had buyers she’d never met in person until they've actually moved, as well as people that purchase properties they've never even stepped foot in. Technology may help a lot in that regard, but you have to have a fairly strong sense of trust in your real estate agent to be able to buy a property sight unseen!

In spite of the short term duration of some of the relocations, many people are looking to purchase a home, Jo said, and again, she always has her clients’ best interests at heart, telling them that if they don't see themselves staying put for at least 3 years, buying a home may not always be the best way to go in this economy. "People are going to get the honest answer out of me because it's more important than a commission check,” she said.

As a long time user of ePropertySites, Jo found during the iPad contest that there was still much more to learn about our system. Navigating around the different pages, “I just kept saying wow, look at this or that! I recognized that I wasn't using the system to its fullest, and I want to implement more of the tools available to me,” Jo said. She also feels that with ePropertySites the focus is on the property listing, with individual websites, sign riders and specific tools designed to showcase the home.

"I want a person, when they drive by one of my listings and see that sign, to text a number to a number and get a text back, and click on that and be able to see everything about that house. And it's great for me that I can capture that number, but the seller needs to know, wow, those people can actually see my house, they're sitting out there right now and they're texting to get info! Sellers love that!”

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