Real Estate Agent iPad Contest Winner Matt Peedin

Congratulations to Real Estate Agent Matt Peedin our 10th iPad Contest Winner!

Most of us have heard of the 3 Rs in education, but when it comes to North Carolina resident and real estate agent Matt Peedin, the "3 Ps of Real Estate" might describe him best: People, Personality & Properties!

Matt lives in the North Carolina region known as "The Triangle," an area anchored by three of the state's notable universities - North Carolina State, Duke, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, all well known for their research facilities and the businesses they attract. This is a growing market, Matt shared, as the area is home to many high-tech companies and enterprises including Cisco, IBM, the area is consistently ranked among the top towns and cities for its high quality of life.

Choosing real estate as a career more than 8 years ago "definitely fits my personality" Matt said, as he's always loved selling things and he's always loved people. While Matt uses both the internet and his referral business to market himself, it's his relationship with the people he meets that he believes is the cornerstone of his success as an agent. He connects with clients rather quickly, builds rapport with people, he said, and senses that they really enjoy working with him. When clients bring you double-stuffed Oreos as a thank you at their closing because they know you love them, that's a pretty good sign that whatever you're doing is working!

"I genuinely care about their interests, and I make that very clear to them," Matt shared. "What I tell them is that at the end of it, when it's all said and done, I want you to be able to look back at the process and say with certainty that you've found the perfect home."

As a long-time customer of ePropertySites, Matt had high praise for the system and its effectiveness. It's one thing to tell people "I can get more people through your door than anyone else can" but you have to be able to back that up and show them how you do it, Matt said. With ePropertySites Matt feels he has a process that works, describing it as "without question the most economical means to get the property out there and get exposure for it, driving traffic to the site."

Matt had fun playing the iPad contest, he was surprised to discover things he said he didn't know anything about, and other features he wanted to take the time to look at more in depth. For example: widgets, QR codes, text codes on property signs, and using flip books for his listing presentations. "I'm definitely looking forward to using the iPad, " Matt said. "Particularly in this area, where you're on the cutting edge of technology, you want to be as tech savvy as you can." Matt shared that the iPad will be a Christmas gift for his wife, he admitted he'll be stealing it back for those presentations!

Selling properties may be his livelihood, but for Matt, it always comes back to the people, and he wants them to know he isn't someone who's driven by numbers. "If you genuinely care about people and treat them as if it's yourself or your family, people feel it, it resonates with them, they genuinely know it. The numbers will take care of themselves if you're taking care of the people."

Matt's personality definitely shines through when it comes to giving advice to the new agents in the office. What does he tell them?

"If your heart's in the right place, I think anybody can be successful in real estate."

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