Congratulations to our 11th iPad Winner Select Realty Group

Congratulations to our 11th iPad Winner Select Realty Group!

Barbara Woyak, Lena Ragona and Angela Ball are the original members of this Keller Williams/Arizona-based realty group that has recently expanded to include two more agents. Their formula for a winning team is based on the company's model that there should be different functions for each member of the team, because the more you can specialize in a specific area, the more successful you will be!

Staying focused, expanding their sphere of influence, calling on cancelled and expired listings as well as lead generating every day is one of the many tools this group employs to attract both buyers and sellers.

Barbara's specialty is listings, Lena focuses on buyers, and Angela oversees transaction management and advertising. As a group, Angela came up with a procedure to follow that was initially called "The 10 Days of Pain," but which has evolved into what they now call "The 21 Days of Gain." The "pain" involves following up with a potential buyer/client within three to five minutes of them submitting a request for more information, and then following up again on a regular, consistent basis. When asked what was "painful" about the process, the women explained that it was difficult to put that much time and effort into building a connection and not get a response, but that didn't stop them from continuing to inundate those potential clients with more information. When you see the gain, it makes the pain that much easier to take!

Together, this group has created a team whose motto "A Name Friends Recommend," is one they are proud of and hope is recognized by all who live in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area they call home.

Wherever you're from though, Select Realty believes the same things apply across the nation for people looking for a home, and for sellers, the most important thing is to get maximum exposure for their property. ePropertySites makes that easier, Angela shared, by providing the tools agents need to advertise, feed to syndicated sites and create blog posts that guarantee their listings are getting that exposure in the community as well.

Participating in the iPad contest gave Angela a chance to discover some things about ePropertySites she hadn't known before, and it wasn't as easy as she thought it might be. Although she was familiar with listing websites, blogging and posting to Craigslist, Angela admitted there were some clues she had no idea about, and she spent some time navigating the site in an effort to uncover the hidden Apple icon. When it took her more than two minutes to find the answer, she said she was frustrated, but kept at it because again, the gain was worth the pain!

When asked what her advice would be for agents, whether they're just starting out or working to expand their business, Angela replied, "Pick a market, pick your segment of that market and make a commitment to learn everything you can about that area. Become a neighborhood expert, become an expert at doing open houses, become an expert at door knocking, become an expert at calling on cancelled and expired, but whatever it is, just pick one thing and become an expert at that."It's so easy to get lost and go in 15 different directions and not get anything done, but once you're successful at one thing, you can move on to something else."


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