Congratulations to our 12th iPad Winner Derek Dudley

Congratulations to Derek Dudley on being our 12th iPad Winner!

Derek is the owner of Dudley Realty & Investments, a multi-faceted company in Garden Grove that services both buyers and sellers, in addition to purchasing homes that he and his partner fix up and resell.

With a degree in finance, Derek started in the industry as a loan officer in 2004, then acquired his broker's license because more and more people began asking him if he could find them houses.

"I fell in love with that aspect more than pushing paperwork, Derek said, since it gets him out of the office and showing properties. Focusing solely on real estate since 2006, Derek doesn't even feel that like he's going to "work" every day; to him, he's just helping do something for someone else.

That something often includes spending time driving around getting to know both the people and the homes in the communities around him.

"There are days I'm looking at comps and properties all day long," Derek said, and taking the opportunity to meet and talk to people face-to-face is something he enjoys doing. He shared that a quote he once read in a book by Donald Trump made an impression on him.

Trump's advice was not to use an ATM to do your banking but to go in and talk to the bankers instead because you never know what might happen. Good advice, Derek said, as he picked up two buyers in the past month by going into the bank to deposit checks and introduce himself.

"People go the ATM and they never talk to anyone. Anytime you get a chance to talk to someone, just take the opportunity, because getting to know people and using their services is important, but more importantly, they have to know you."

While many real estate agents concentrate on luxury and higher-priced listings, Derek feels it's better to be selling lower priced properties that are more in demand and offer a shorter turn-around time. In addition, some of his clients are companies that he does Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) for, something he likes doing in spite of the fact that he doesn't make much money from them. For Derek, that's just another opportunity to be out and about in the community, "driving up and down every street in town."

Not only that, when you're buying houses, fixing them up and selling them yourself, Derek said, he may have driven past as many as 70 properties in one day looking for something to buy for a trustee sale the next day, and running comps on the ones people are interested in buying. By being informed, knowing what's happening and staying as involved in the market as he can, Derek believes it enables him to talk about any kind of property when questions arise.

It seems that being out in the field, marketing properties and pressing palms is a recurring theme throughout most of Derek's business transactions, and Open Houses are another avenue he pursues to solicit buyers.

"When you do an Open house, the first people to come over are the neighbors. You can introduce yourself, hand out your cards and ask questions. The one I always ask? I know you're not looking to sell, but do you know anybody that is, or looking to buy?"

Derek is new to ePropertySites, but as a "value-oriented guy" feels he has a valuable tool at his disposal. His favorite feature? Text Code Capture. With the text code capture, clients are not only getting the information immediately when they text the number on the sign, Derek said, but "what better way is there to get information than for me to call them and give them more?"

For Derek, it's all about marketing the property, whether it's a client's or his own.
"Every time we buy a property, we get the sign in the yard as soon as we can because you never know who's going to walk by and call."

Then again, in The World Of Real Estate According To Derek, "You can get a lead one way one time, another way another time and next time you get a client in a way you never even thought of."


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