Congratulations to the GriffithTeam on being our 13th iPad Winner!

Congratulations to the GriffithTeam on being our 13th iPad Winner!

Based in Colorado, Gary & Ann Griffith are the cornerstone of The Griffith Team, husband and wife real estate agents their clients often refer to as the "Dynamic Duo." While some couples might find it difficult to work with their spouse every day, the Griffiths believe they are each other's spare hand, and credit their combined strengths with consistently producing "superior results" when it comes to listing and selling their properties.

"Some people only relate well to a woman, and others to a man, so the clients get the best of both worlds," they said. Many couples have differing opinions when it comes to how to go about the process of buying or selling a home, so when the day is done, the Griffiths compare notes, share what they've taken away from individual conversations, and then strategize as to the best way to meet their clients' needs.

Gary was in professional software sales early on in his career, but spent so much time traveling he said he was able to use the frequent flier miles he accumulated to take his wife and at that time nine children, on family vacations to Alaska, Hawaii and Disney world. After his 10th child was born, the time spent away from home began to take its toll, and eventually he started thinking about switching careers.

"The older kids kind of grew up without their dad so the younger kids actually said to me at one point, Hey Dad, why can't you figure out something to stay closer to home?’' Gary said. He had taken some real estate classes before their fourth child was born and was ready to take the broker's exam, but that never happened, and it wasn't until Ann decided to get her license that Gary went back to finish what he had started years before.

"We had always talked about doing real estate together," Ann said, and in Colorado they have been able to do just that. They initially tried doing their own thing, but hated that, Gary said, because they just don't feel they're as effective separately as they are together. “The real important point is that we're stronger together and we love working the business together." Ann added that it's nice to have that second set of eyes when they're looking at properties, not to mention being able to talk about what they can do to get around certain issues or obstacles. That doesn't usually happen between agents, but since they're working together and both are on the same contract, it frees them up to brainstorm and focus on what their clients are looking for.

The Griffiths are real estate agents who enjoy people, understand what people need, and want to help them achieve their goals. Whether it's young people upsizing or buying their first home, or older people who need to downsize and are transitioning from one lifestyle to another, they are there to help them through what can be a very stressful situation. Often it's life events that create real estate transactions, or what Gary likes to call a "compelling event."

"You have to have a compelling event to make something happen in your life, so I look for what that event is and that helps them move it along," Gary shared.

Clients have told them more than once that they didn't realize realtors were actually counselors as well, Ann said, but it's true, and the Griffiths don't mind helping out in that way either. Ann feels she and Gary have a lot of patience, and they take the time to listen to people because serving people is what they do so well together. That combination often results in a successful sale and what one client called "getting the perfect house."

"We show people what they want until they find what they want and people appreciate that," Ann said.

Since discovering ePropertySites, Ann and Gary feel that job has gotten easier. As agents in Colorado, one thing that definitely sets them apart, they shared, is having access to the latest and greatest technology. From the QR codes on the sign riders to showing sellers how they can have a dedicated site just for their property, the tools available to them through their ePS account helps them clinch the deal.

Gary is definitely one of our biggest supporters, and referred many of his fellow colleagues to us during the course of the contest.

"There's no doubt about it, ePropertySites is the competitive edge out here. I told people you're the best kept secret in the industry, they get the best bang for the buck and the best technology out there. Whether I win an iPad or not, I think enough of this company that I think all real estate agents need to be on it."

When asked if he had any advice for agents just starting out in the industry, Gary said he'd tell them to get ePropertSites early on in the game. While there may be agents out there who think they have it all figured out, he feels they're losing it on the technology side.

"Buyers and sellers are coming to agents now and they've already been on the Internet, they're tech savvy and they know what they want. They're quick at communications, especially the young buyers, and if you can't show them you're on the cutting edge and can get their property marketed with all the latest and greatest tech stuff they'll leave you behind."

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