ListingBooster.com versus AgentMarketing.com

Obviously over the years there have been many systems come along to help Real Estate Agents.  One of the newest of these is a site called ListingBooster.com.  We want to make sure that you always know how AgentMarketing.com compares to other sites like Listing Booster so we've created a comparison chart to help you understand the differences.  Frank Garay and Brian Stevens of "The National Real Estate Post" are partners in Listing Booster so naturally their promotion of it has  our customer service team getting asked how we [AgentMarketing.com] are different or compare to ListingBooster.com.

 Here is a page that compares Listing Booster vs Agent Marketing and 2 other top competitors.


What we really want is for everyone to know the truth about how each system compares so that you can make an informed decision on which Marketing Software and Printing Team you want to help you and your Agents thrive.  We can't blame anyone for not knowing all the capabilites of a system, with all possible features, benefits and variances... it's almost impossible to know what each system includes and is capable of.

So, we put this comparison website [page] together and emailed all 3 of the companies on the list for their input.  For that reason, we feel this is the most accurate and complete list of differences (we didn't put the items where all companies supported or supplied, as the list would be 10 miles long), and we continue to ask ANYONE that finds something that isn't up to date on this list to let us know as soon as possible. We know all companies are busy adding new features so the list can get out of date... but as of today (January 31th) the list is as complete as humanly possible.

So... if you have any more questions, please let us know? :)

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